Legacy of the Damned - Return of the Fallen Empire
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Legacy of the Damned - Return of the Fallen Empire

Legacy of the Damned - Return of the Fallen Empire by Witch-King on Hiveworkshop.com
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 Important Rules

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PostSubject: Important Rules   Sat Sep 26, 2009 5:41 pm

This is list of rules that have to be respected, because not respecting these rules may cause ban...
- Players mustn't use words such as g2g, bb, atm... etc, because that can cause them being banned.

- Players mustn't type things as:
"Hmmmm, and Helmar goes to the mall to buy some sneakers and then takes a flight in a jetplane to an underwater city.", because that will also cause that player to be banned from the site.

- Players mustn't spam and double post (They'll be warned)

- Players should avoid OOC in roleplay topic as much as possible so readers and other players could concentrate on RP and not on OOC. Everything players have to say in OOC can be told in Chatbox.

-Players must not post, Inappropriate, Out-of-context, or, Flaming/Trolling/Spamming messages, inside or outside the RP.

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Important Rules
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