Legacy of the Damned - Return of the Fallen Empire
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Legacy of the Damned - Return of the Fallen Empire

Legacy of the Damned - Return of the Fallen Empire by Witch-King on Hiveworkshop.com
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 Character Application

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xbacurix (Deran)

xbacurix (Deran)

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PostSubject: Character Application   Mon Oct 12, 2009 8:54 am

Name: Deran Morgan
Age: 28
Class: Warrior
Element: Fire - Lightning
Race: Human
Description: (Current Life) Deran is a wanderer, his life and goal is to know the entire world... however, with the last events of the returning of the Fallen Empire, his traveling is coming to an end. He will soon be forced to choose a side to fight, a side to protect, a side to live. But he still in a neutral wandering...
(Past Life) Deran's entire family was slain by Deathwing during the first wars, after that he dedicated his life to learn all the secrets of the world, seeking a way to defeat the evil dragon, being from the Morgan family allows he to manipulate the fire, and even create it. But he knows that more is needed to defeat Deathwing, so the true intention of his travelings is to learn how to manipulate all the elements. Four years ago he learned how to manipulate the lightning, and now he is seeking the element of water.
(Goals) Deran main goal is to learn the manipulation of all elements, and then face Deathwing to avenge his family.

(Just look at my avatar and you will know how Deran is)
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PostSubject: Re: Character Application   Mon Oct 12, 2009 9:16 am

Deran Morgan - Approved (Wonderful application)

Deathwing has returned, Magnar will be doomed...
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Character Application
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